First announcement



6th International Conference on




Tsaghkadzor (Armenia),August24 - 31,2002



The conference is sponsored by the IAMP and the Research Mathematics Fund (Armenia).



Tentative List of speakers includes:

S. Albeverio (Bonn), R. Ambartsumian (Yerevan), V. Arzumanian (Yerevan),

S. Bernabei (Camerino), C. Boldrighini (Rome), S. Dachian (ClermontFerran),

A. Dalalian (Yerevan/Le Mans), S. Frigio (Camerino),M. Ginovian (Yerevan),††

S. Isola (Camerino), G. Jona-Lasinio (Rome), M. Kelbert (Swansea),

Yu. Kondratiev (Bielefeld), T. Kuna (Bielefeld), P.-Y. Louis (Lille),

C. Maes (Leuven), D. Marinucci (Rome), V. Malyshev (Paris/Moscow),

A. Messager (Marseille), R. Minlos (Moscow), S. Miracle-Sole (Marseille),

B. Nahapetian (Yerevan), V. Oganian (Yerevan), M.J. Oliveira (Bielefeld),

E. Orsingher (Rome), Ye. Pecherskii (Moscow), Ch. Pfister (Lausanne),

S. Pellegrinotti (Rome), S. Pirogov (Moscow), S. Poghosyan (Yerevan),

L. Pustylnikov (Bielefeld), A. Rebenko (Kiev), S. Roelly (Paris), J. Ruiz (Marseille), Ya. Sinai (Princeton),Yu. Suhov (Cambridge), H. Sukiasian (Yerevan), S. Shlosman (Marseille),B. Tirozzi (Rome),†† A. van Enter (Groningen), A. Vershik (St Petersburg), V. Zagrebnov (Marseille), M. Zahradnik (Prague), H. Zessin (Bielefeld/Lille), E. Zhizhina (Moscow), Yu. Zhukov Moscow).


The approximate number of participants is sixty. The conference site is a resort

place forty kilometers outside of Yerevan. The conference fee is $420 which covers all your living expenses during the conference. We hope to have a reduced fee for the participants from FSU and some young researchers.


If you would like to participate in the conference please mail your name, your address and if you contribute a lecture, the title of your talk before the end of March, 2002 to:


†††††††††††††††††† or††††††††


Organizing Committee:

R. Ambartsumian (Yerevan), C. Boldrighini (Rome), M. Ginovian (Yerevan),

Yu. Kondratiev (Bonn), V. Malyshev (Paris/Moscow), R. Minlos (Moscow), B. Nahapetian (co-chairman, Yerevan), S. Poghosyan (co-chairman, Yerevan), Ya. Sinai (Princeton), A. Vershik (St. Petersburg), H. Zessin (Bielefeld/Lille).


Conference Topics:

Gibbs Random Fields, Models of Classical and Quantum Statistical Mechanics,

Probability Methods, Stochastic and Integral Geometry, Quantum Gravity.