Dear Members,

We plan to send out a bulletin about every 3 months and this is the first - rather spartan bulletin of the year. We know you receive too many e-mails anyway, so we will keep bulletins short. If you have a suggestion, which you think would be useful for the members of our society to receive through this medium, please let us know by reply to [email protected].

Best regards

David Brydges, President
Jakob Yngvason, Vice President
Ruedi Seiler, Secretary
Volker Bach, Treasurer

Content Bulletin 2003-1

  1. New Members.
  2. Lisboa Conference, deadlines, reduced rates for early registration and IAMP members.
  3. Announcement from Springer Verlag.

1. New Members:

We welcome the new members since the beginning of the year:

    Hans-PeterKunzleUniversity of Alberta
    RogerPickenInsituto Superior Tecnico, Lisboa
    HermannSchulz-BaldesTechnische Universität Berlin
    RobertSeiringerPrinceton, University of Vienna

Retroactively, we also welcome a new Associate Member:

    Journal of Theoretical Mathematical Physics,
    Steklov Mathematical Institute,
    Secretary: Andrei Pogrebkov, email: [email protected]

2. Lisboa Conference:

Please note the following deadlines for the Lisboa conference, July 28 - Aug. 2, 2003:

    Application for NSF support: Feb. 15

    ICTP support for scientists from the developing countries: Feb. 28

    Reduced rate for registration and payment until Feb. 28: Euro 140
    Reduced rate for registration and payment until Feb. 28 for IAMP members: Euro 120

3. Announcement from Springer:

    Physics texts sale: