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Dear Members,

This is our May IAMP Bulletin. Please send news and suggestions for forthcoming bulletins to: [email protected].

Yours sincerely

David Brydges, President
Jakob Yngvason, Vice President
Ruedi Seiler, Secretary
Volker Bach, Treasurer

Contents Bulletin May 2003

  1. New Members.
  2. Conferences.
  3. Henri Poincare Prize 2003 awarded to H. Araki, E.H. Lieb, O. Schramm.
  4. D. Ruelle elected foreign member of the U.S. National Academy
  5. Announcements from Associate Members.
  6. Links to Interesting New Books and Magazines

1. New Members:

We welcome the following new members:

    IsabelleCattoUniversite Paris-Dauphine, France
    ThomasChenCourant Institute, New York University, USA
    Mauricede GossonBlekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden
    DanielGandolfoUniversite Marsielle, Luminy, France
    ChristianHainzlUniversite Paris-Dauphine, France
    YasuyukiKawahigashiUniversity of Tokyo, Japan
    ShannonStarrPrinceton University, USA

2. Conferences:

  1. Please register and note that there are extended deadlines for the XIV International Congress on Mathematical Physics (ICMP 2003) in Lisbao. For further information please see

    The winners of the Poincare Prize will be giving lectures in the Young Researchers Symposium from July 25 - July 26, 2003, Lisboa.

    Please see

  2. A Summer School on Nonlinear Phenomena in Computational Chemical Physics will be taking place in Barcelona from June 9-14, 2003. Please see

3. Henri Poincare Prize 2003 awarded to H. Araki, E.H. Lieb, O. Schramm:

The award ceremony for the Henri Poincare Prize sponsored by the Daniel Iagolnitzer Foundation takes place at the International Congress in Lisbon in July 2003. We take great pleasure in announcing that this year the prize will be awarded to

Huzihiro Araki, Research Institute for Mathematical Sciences, Kyoto University

For his lifetime contributions to the foundations of quantum field theory, quantum statistical mechanics and the theory of operator algebras. His outstanding achievements at this interface of physics and mathematics are exemplified by his work on the structure of the algebra of local observables and its representations, collision theory, the variational principle in statistical mechanics and the notion of relative entropy for infinite quantum systems.

Elliott H. Lieb, Princeton University

For his lifetime achievements in quantum mechanics, statistical mechanics and analysis. His work has encompassed the exact solution of the Ice Model, an unceasing quest for a complete understanding of the stability of matter, Thomas-Fermi theory and quantum spin systems, and the discovery of a remarkable range of fundamental inequalities.

Oded Schramm, Microsoft Research

For his contributions to discrete conformal geometry, where he discovered new classes of circle patterns described by integrable systems and proved the ultimate results on convergence to the corresponding conformal mappings, and for the discovery of the Stochastic Loewner Process as a candidate for scaling limits in two dimensional statistical mechanics.

4. D. Ruelle elected foreign member of the U.S. National Academy:

Please join with us in congratulating David Ruelle on his recent election to Foreign Member of the U.S. National Academy.

5. Announcements from Associate Members:

  1. An announcement from the Institute of Physics:

    New applied mathematics journal package: If your institution subscribes to any of the following journals you can save 15% by taking the package, but as an member of IAMP we will give you an extra 10% discount and throw in the entire electronic archive. Contact Lisa Trenberth, [email protected].

    1. Combustion Theory & Modelling -
    2. Inverse Problems -
    3. Nonlinearity -
    4. Quantitative Finance -
    5. Waves in Random Media -
  2. Michael Aizenman and Wolf Beiglböck from Springer would like to announce the following:

    The roll-back of the CMP price (to 3990 Euro) which was communicated in an earlier announcement to IAMP is in effect now, after a transitional year in which the implementation (including reimbursements in the form of scientific literature) needed to be coordinated with pre-existing arrangements. The agreement, which was reached in discussions of the publisher with the editorial board, applies also for 2004.

    The measure reflects the continuing commitment for close engagement of the publisher with the mathematical physics community. During the ICMP in Lisbon an editorial meeting of CMP will take place July 31. There should be an opportunity to discuss the editorial policy and publication matters with our editors as well as with the representative of the publisher who would be present at the IAMP Congress.

  3. Announcement from World Scientific:

    Reviews in Mathematical Physics (RMP):

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