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News Bulletin November 2003

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  1. Progress report on payment of dues by credit card
  2. New Members
  3. Messages from Associate Members
  4. Conferences
  5. Nominations for Herman Weyl Prize requested
  6. Erratum: Encyclopedias of Mathematical Physics
  7. Financial Report (members only)

  1. Dear Members,

    The option to pay by credit card is expected to happen but is taking longer than we expected because the credit card company has asked for documents that were not created or required at the time of our inception as a society declared in Switzerland.

    There are no new members since our last bulletin, which is unusual and causes some concern. By all means recruit bright young faculty and students in your neighbourhood. I will be writing to scientists who came to the Young Researchers Symposium.

    We have appended a financial report that summarises information presented at the General Assembly in Lisbon (for the members of the EC only). Note that the conferences listed below and at are examples of your dues at work.

    Yours sincerely

    David Brydges, President
    Jakob Yngvason, Vice President
    Ruedi Seiler, Secretary
    Volker Bach, Treasurer

  2. New Members:

    No new members enrolled this quarter.

  3. Messages from Associate Members

    1. New publication by Birkhäuser: Iagolnitzer Daniel, Rivasseau Vincent, Zinn-Justin Jean: International Conference on Theoretical Physics - TH-2002, Paris, July 22-27, 2002 1016 pages, hard cover, CHF 298.00 / EUR 198.00, due December 2003 ISBN 3-7643-2433-3 Long-awaited, up to date, in depth review of the many facets of contemporary theoretical physics. Included is a CD-ROM with additional contributions.
    2. Institute of Physics Publishing recommends the following journals:
      1. Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General,
      2. Nonlinearity,
      3. Inverse Problems,
      4. Waves in Random Media,
      5. Combustion Theory and Modelling,
      6. Quantitative Finance,

      For information on how to subscribe, receive free sample copies and discounted journal packages please contact Lisa Trenberth, [email protected]

  4. Conferences:

    The following conferences have been financially supported by the IAMP this year.

    1. Von Neumann Centennial Conference: Linear Operators and Foundations of Quantum Machanics, Budapest from 15-20 October 2003, organized by D. Petz.
    2. Workshop on Mathematical, Theoretical and Phenomenological Challenges Beyond Standard Model: Perspectives of Balkans Collaboration, Vrnjacka Banja, Serbia from 29 August - 02 September, organized by G. Djordjevic.
    3. Workshop on Categorification and Higher-Order Geometry, Instituto Superior Tecnico, Lisbon, Portugal from 23-24 July 2003.
    4. Symmetry in Nonlinear Mathematical Physics, Kiev from 23-29 June 2003, organized by A. Nikitin.
    5. V. International Workshop Lie Theory and Its Applications in Physics, Varna, Bulgaria from 16-22 June 2003.
    6. Frontiers in Number Theory, Physics and Geometry, Les Houches, France from 9-21 March 2003.
  5. Nominations for the Herman Weyl Prize are requested, deadline January 15, 2004.

    Two years ago the Standing Committee of the "International Colloquia on Group-Theoretical Methods in Physics" created the Hermann Weyl Prize for young scientists working in the field of the Colloquia. Details will be available at

    The first Prize was awarded to Edward Frenkel (UC, Berkeley, Math. Dept.) at the 24th International Colloquium in Paris, 2002.

    The second Prize should be awarded at the 25th International Colloquium organized by K.B. Wolf in Cocoyoc, Mexico, August 2-6, 2004 ( In accord with the Bye-Laws the Standing Committee has elected the following Selection Committee for the second Prize: I.T. Todorov (chairman), H.-D. Doebner, L.D. Faddeev, J.-P. Gazeau, V.G. Kac.

    The Chairman of the Selection Committee Prof. Todorov advises that it would be practical for the nominations of recipients of the Prize to be sent simultaneously to all members of the Selection Committee.
    Here are their e-mail addresses: [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected], [email protected].

    Communicated by Professor Kurt Bernardo Wolf for the Local Organizing Committee, XXV ICGTMP Centro de Ciencias Fisicas Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico Cuernavaca, Morelos 62251, Mexico.

  6. Correction to Item 4, sub-item 2 of the September 2003 Bulletin.

    A Russian Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics (EMP) exists since 1998 (MR1673731 (2000e:00003), Matematicheskaya fizika Entsiklopediya). It was started in the 70's under Bogoliubov and completed in the 90's under Faddeev.

    The present project is to modernize the most relevant parts of the Russian EMP, in English, and to complete it so as to have a truly 21st century EMP that will be regularly upgraded. It will emphasize mathematical physics (MࢵΦ), as opposed to mathematics on one side and physics on the other. It will make full use of the synergies coming from the fact that first KAP in 2002, then Springer Verlag in 2003, have been acquired by Cinven and Candover, two British investors who intend to merge the operations in a way to be determined and continue under the name Springer.

    This Modern Encyclopedia of Mathematical Physics project, based on the Russian EMP modernized and completed, was conceived by Faddeev and Flato in 1996. In the present form the initiators are Faddeev, Filippov, Karasev, Kontsevich, Matveev and Sternheimer. Many scientists are and will be involved in its developments. The first step, a "Selecta" of the Russian EMP, will be completed by an interrelated series of Handbooks.

    Details and developments can be found at If you wish to participate you may contact any of the initiators, including [email protected]

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