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News Bulletin September 2004

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  1. Dear Members,

    On Oct 16 there will be a meeting to consider speakers, special sessions, and other scientific aspects of the next International Congress of Mathematical Physics, to be held in Rio de Janeiro August 6–13, 2006.

    If you have suggestions, that will help us organise a good Congress, please send them to a member of the Executive Committee. Please do not expect individual acknowledgment and please ensure we receive them soon and definitely a few days before Oct 16.

    Yours sincerely

    David Brydges, President
    Jakob Yngvason, Vice President
    Ruedi Seiler, Secretary
    Volker Bach, Treasurer

  2. Messages from Associate Members

    World Scientific

    World Scientific Newsletter

    Institute of Physics

    Mr C. M. Bender (Editor-in-Chief) and Mr N. Scriven (Publisher) from Institute of Physics Publishing would like to announce the following:

    Refereeing standards of Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General

    With the help of our referees the journal has grown substantially in recent years. Despite a reject rate of over 50%, we published 40% more pages in 2003 than we did five years ago. Practical considerations mean that we cannot continue to grow at this rate and are now looking to limit the size of the journal. We intend to do this by raising the quality threshold of the journal and rejecting those marginal quality papers which may previously have been accepted.

    We are now asking our referees to be particularly strict when judging whether a paper is publishable by rigorously implementing the following criteria. To be acceptable for publication in Journal of Physics A: Mathematical and General:

    • papers must make significant, original and correct contributions to one or more topics within the scope of the journal;
    • mathematical papers should be clearly motivated by actual or potential application to physical phenomena;
    • the length of a paper must be justified by its contents.

    We would like to thank all referees for the work they continue to do for us. Effective peer review is essential to the success of the journal and we greatly appreciate the time and effort that referees give up on behalf of the journal. We hope that we can continue this valued collaboration into the future.

    For full details of our scope (see also the subject classification) and refereeing requirements please see the journal homepage

  3. Conferences:

    Conferences listed on the IAMP webpage without financial support from IAMP:

    1. Global and Geometric Aspects in Nonlinear PDE, Yerevan, Armenia, Dedicated to the 85th anniversary of the Yerevan State University will take place from Oct. 6-12, 2004.
    2. Joint Summer Research Conference in the Mathematical Sciences "Mathematical Modeling of Novel Optical Devices" , Snowbird, Utah will take place from Jun. 11-18, 2005.
    3. Joint Summer Research Conference in the Mathematical Sciences "Quantum Graphs and Their Applications", Snowbird, Utah will take place from Jun. 18-24, 2005.

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