International Association of Mathematical Physics

News Bulletin October 2006

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  1. After the ICMP

  2. The next ICMP

  3. Change of the Statutes and By-Laws

  4. An IAMP member becomes a Fields medalist

  5. New members

  6. Conferences

  7. IUPAP Young Scientist Prizes

  1. XVth International Congress on Mathematical Physics. As we all know the Rio congress and the related Young Researcher Symposium passed successfully, with many interesting talks - you can refresh your memories of the program here - and discussions, all in a very beautiful environment. We are grateful to Vladas Sidoravicius and the whole local organizing committee for their efforts, in particular, for the way they handled the difficult situation resulting from the VARIG bankrupcy.

  2. The next ICMP. One of the most important decisions made in Rio was about the site of the next ICMP. The following bids were made:

    After a discussion, a non-binding vote was taken in which more than two thirds of the present members supported the candidature of Prague. The issue was then discussed by the Executive Committee - in the absence of the Secretary who declared a conflict of interests - and it was decided to make Prague the site of the next ICMP. The dates are August 3-8, 2009, with the Young Researcher Symposium being held on July 31 and August 1.
    The Executive Committee also decided at this occasion to review and publish the rules for ICMP organization - see here.
  3. Change of the Statutes and By-Laws. Another important matter discussed at the General Assembly and the ensuing Executive Committee meeting was a statutes and by-laws update which would make our decision mechanisms appropriate to the electronic age. By the old rules the change must be approved by a postal ballot, i.e. members have to vote by regular mail. The ballot form can be found here; the deadline is December 31 (the date in the statutes and by-laws appendices will be adjusted to the actual closing of the vote). Please do not miss this opportunity!

  4. Fields medals. At the ICM in Madrid this year Fields medals were awarded. It is a pleasure to announce that one of them went to Wendelin Werner, who recently joined the IAMP, for his contributions to the development of stochastic Loewner evolution, the geometry of two-dimensional Brownian motion, and conformal field theory; we congratulate him warmly.
    The other laureates are Terence Tao, Andrei Okounkov and Grigori Perelman who - as it is generally known - did not accept the award given to him for his proof of the Poincare conjecture

  5. New members: The following colleagues recently joined the Association

     Driss Bria
     Universite Mohamed I, Oujda, Morocco
     William Joseph Spring
     University of Hertfordshire, Hatfield, UK
     Upendra Tripathi  Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India

  6. Conferences: Apart from the Congress there are several forthcoming conferences supported by IAMP:

  7. IUPAP Young Scientist Prizes. New prizes for young researchers in all fields of physics having not more than eight years after the PhD, with a medal and a small cash award were instituted by the International Union for Pure and Applied Physics. Its Commission for Mathematical Physics (C18) will award its first prizes at the next ICMP; the call for nominations will be made in 2008.