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News Bulletin July 2008

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  1. New members

  2. Obituary: Jan Lopuszanski

  3. A year before the ICMP

  4. Lars Onsagers Award

  5. Forthcoming meetings

  6. A new book

  1. New members: The following colleagues recently joined the Association

     Nagarajan Nithyadevi
     National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan
     Ellen J. Siem
     Southern Oregon University, Ashland, OR, USA

  2. Obituary: Jan Lopuszanski (1923-2008)

    Prof. Jan Lopuszanski, one of the founders of the Wroclaw School of Theoretical Physics, the initiator and organizer of the first Winter School of Theoretical Physics in Karpacz, Poland, and a man who has played a distinct role in the development of modern mathematical physics, was born in Lviv on the 21st of October 1923, then in Poland, now in Ukraine. He was 16 when the Second World War brought Poland under occupation. These were tragic times with the Polish population being ruthlessly exterminated by the invaders. At the age of 18 Jan Lopuszanski was arrested by the Soviet Secret Police NKVD under the charge of being a member of a Polish patriotic organization. Fortunately, two days after the outbreak of the German-Soviet war in June 1941, he escaped from the prison. After the war he emigrated from Lviv, which was incorporated into the Soviet Union, to Wroclaw, Poland, he started studying in 1945 as one of the first students at Wroclaw University and fell in love with physics.
    His all scientific career was associated with Wroclaw University. He received here the master degree in 1950, and five years later he obtained his D.Sc. In 1959 he became a professor of physics at Wroclaw University and worked here until 2006. During that time he was the Head of the Institute of Theoretical Physics and the Dean of the Faculty of Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry.
    Lopuszanski first scientific investigations concerned problems in statistical physics and he published a series of papers on statistical theory of cascades of cosmic radiation. Then he became deeply engaged in the foundations of quantum field theory and in physical symmetries. A systematic study in that area resulted in several theorems concerning charges of massive particles and no-go theorems for mixing the internal and geometric symmetries. Around the year 1974 the supersymmetric period of his research began. His papers in collaboration with R. Haag and M. Sohnius provide a complete description of the supersymmetry transformations discovered by J. Wess and B. Zumino. In connection with his studies on supersymmetry Lopuszanski introduced two notions: The notion of central charges, and together with D. Buchholz the notion of non-local charges which played a crucial role in further developments of quantum field theories. The results he got are extensively quoted in the physical literature and they obtained a permanent place in mathematical physics. For his scientific achievements Jan Lopuszanski was awarded by numerous distinctions and rewards. He was a member of the Polish Academy of Sciences and the Polish Academy of Arts and Sciences.
    Prof. Jan Lopuszanski died on the 30th of April 2008 in Wroclaw.

    Robert Olkiewicz
  3. A year before the ICMP

    Almost exactly one year separates us from the opening of the next International Congress on Mathematical Physics, to be held in Prague on August 3-8, 2009, being traditionally preceded by the Young Researcher Symposium on July 31 - August 1. The first bulletin will be distributed soon and you can follow the preparations at the ICMP web page. Here is a brief summary of where we are now:
  4. Lars Onsagers Award

    The Norwegian University of Science and Technology informs that this year's Lars Onsagers International Award for excellence in science in chemistry, physics or mathematics to Professor Peter S. Riseborough of Temple University, Philadelphia.
  5. Conference announcements

    Here we mention forthcoming meetings supported by the IAMP (type B),

    and others recognized by the IAMP (type C):

  6. A new book