Dues of the International Association
of Mathematical Physics

IAMP members can find out the status of their dues payment by viewing their own entry in the Membership Database.

Non-members can apply for membership at Membership Database by clicking on `Register a new account'. See also how to become a member.

The current annual dues have been set by the Executive Committee.

Dues for ordinary membership

In order to minimize administrative costs, members are encouraged to pay for at least three years at a time. It is also possible to obtain life membership in the association.

Reduced dues status

New members enjoy free membership in the calendar year when they join. Reduced dues status is available for members who are not affiliated with an OECD or EU country and whose yearly professional income is below 12,000 Swiss francs. The reduced dues status must be renewed every three years. Applications and requests for further information should be sent to the Treasurer (see About the IAMP).

Life membership

Life membership in the Association is also available. It is available to members who have paid a total of 25 year dues on or after Jan 1, 1995. Members may contact the treasurer to inquire about the amount of dues necessary to reach life membership status. In any case even if no further payment of dues is needed, life membership is granted only after request to the treasurer (e-mail).

Associate membership

Associate membership is available to organizations, institutions, publishers, and others interested in promoting mathematical physics. For more information see the associate member page or contact the president. The yearly dues for associate members are ten times the dues for ordinary members (see above).


The association welcomes donations. Donations may be sent by check or bank transfer as explained below. Members have the additional option to donate by credit card.

Payment methods

By Bank Transfer

May be deposited in

Account No. 9400144

Sparkasse Bielefeld (BLZ 48050161)
Postfach 102673
D-33526 Bielefeld
Swiftcode: SPBI DE 3B XXX
IBAN: DE39480501610009400144

Make sure to make drafts payable to IAMP and note the years to be covered by dues. BLZ („Bankleitzahl“) is the German bank identification number.

By Check

In addition, dues may be paid by Check in US Dollars: Please print this form and send it with your check to the address specified on the form.
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