IUPAP Young Scientist Prize

The Young Scientist Prizes of the International Union of Pure and Applied Physics were established in 2007. The recipients of the awards in a given year should have a maximum of 8 years of research experience following their PhD, and should have performed original work of outstanding scientific quality.

The IUPAP Commission C18 for Mathematical Physics awarded its Young Scientist Prizes for the first time in 2009.


2015 Roland Bauerschmidt For his work on self-avoiding random walks in 4 dimensions and the development of supersymmetric renormalization group techniques for their study. Website
Joseph Ben Geloun For his pioneering work on the renormalization of tensor field theories and his discovery of their generic asymptotic freedom. Website
Nicolas Rougerie For his exceptional contributions to the theory of cold quantum gases, in particular, his proof of the appearance of a giant vortex and vortex rings, as observed in experiments. Website
2012 Ivan Corwin Outstanding contributions to the probabilistic analysis of the Kardar-Parisi-Zhang equation modelling stochastic growth processes Website
Alessandro Giuliani Outstanding contributions to the analysis of equilibrium properties of classical spin and quantum many-body systems, in particular the Hubbard model Website
Wojciech de Roeck Outstanding contributions in proving diffusion for a quantum particle coupled to a thermal Bose field Website
2009 Rupert L. Frank for outstanding results in analysis with application to quantum systems including solutions to some longstanding problems Website
Benjamin Schlein for outstanding results in mathematical analysis of many-body quantum systems, in particular, Bose gases Website
Simone Warzel for outstanding results in analysis of problems motivated by condensed matter physics, in particular, spectral and dynamical properties of random Schrödinger operators Website

Prize committees

2015 A. Kupiainen (chair), E. Carlen, R. Gopakumar, R. Renner
2012 D. Brydges, A.B. Cruzeiro, A. Kupiainen, H. Spohn (chair), J. Yngvason
2009 Peter Bouwknegt, Ana Bela Cruzeiro, Pavel Exner (chair), Antti Kupiainen, Michael Loss
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