International Congress of Mathematical Physics (ICMP)

The International Congress of Mathematical Physics (ICMP) is organized by the IAMP. The Executive Committee (EC) of the IAMP nominates the International Scientific Committee (ISC) which is composed of six to eight members. The ISC is chaired by the president of the IAMP or, if the president declines, another EC member. One of the other ISC members is chosen in consultation with the local committee. The local committee can also nominate an advisory board to help in the organization and to provide suggestions to the ISC. The EC decides the number and the themes of the parallel sessions. Subsequently the ISC nominates the plenary speakers and the session organizers.

The site of the next ICMP conference is decided by the EC after non binding consultation of the general assembly. It is IAMP continuing policy to avoid any form of discrimination and the EC is committed to ensuring this in the selection of the ISC.

A bid to organize ICMP(n+1) has to be made not later than one month before ICMP(n). A letter of application should be sent to the Secretary, preferrably in electronic form. It should contain a description of the proposed dates and facilities as well as a sketch of the congress budget, in particular, the expected cost per participant.

Next congress

The next congress will be held in Geneva in 2021. The Young Researcher Symposium will be held on July 29-31. The ICMP on August 2-7, 2021.

Past Congresses

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